Cakes and pastel

There is no celebration however small that it does not come accompanied by a cake; anniversaries, reconciliations, Saints, welcome or stag all vary depending on the point in which the motive becomes background and talk about the cake becomes memorable.

Colors, sizes, shapes and flavors, cake is a central meeting point, children’s, casual and even sex always endulzarán us mouth, and today I will mention some that have become my favorite in Guadalajara.


As good glutton I can’t stop talking about cakes, and I do not know you but from child always have haunted me much bitumen very sponge cakes!. I remember that a sister of my dad (Doña Anita Serna in Soledad de Doblado, Veracruz) is to date the official pastry of the people; I loved to occasions in which we were visiting play will make the cake for a wedding, and you know why? As always I gave “los calzones” cake and also gave me the bitumen was left. I loved to put it in a pastry bag and fill me mouth as if it were a submarine Marinela (children do not do that!), and now I know why at that time, in a show of La Chilindrina told me that I was “fluffy… fluffy!” (advertising phrase of those cupcakes).


Doing a count of pastry that I remember from the first time I lived in Guadalajara (Yes… was many years ago!), there was the bread baking “The TASTEFUL” in those yesterdays and what I remember most is meringues and balls of nut which is unloaded in the mouth. I believe that at present already there.

Another bakery which I recall that no one liked the cakes but in some children’s parties which attended, there was always a cake of bread my joy. I remember that it was a dry bread with Strawberry Jam and usually already hard bitumen and very strong colors that was impossible to discolor your hands as much as you lavaras them you, just followed the CAFIN pastry. Of the latter, your pastry has not evolved much and I believe that there are still branches around the city.

One of the bakeries that obtained great popularity already in the 80s without a doubt was the French pastry, with many branches throughout the city and of which you remember a cake dominated with a covering of chocolate or cake of Strawberry with whipped cream that could not be missing in any birthday. Which at that time had more prestige and that you could try at weddings very “popofonas” were LUVIERE and MONIQUE.


Globalization has undoubtedly led to the evolution of the kitchen and not to mention the pastry, but there will always be one that highlights more than the others, for their quality, attention or flavor, and I believe that today we are demanding in that (at least me if what I am) and is nowadays you can find pictures of cakes of different shapesuse of other elements such as fondant making attractive the presentation of a cake.

This is how in these times, the bakeries that have greater popularity in Guadalajara are: NEUFELD that I recommend (and it is my favorite) the 3 Leches cake, that you sell in an aluminum tray with a cover with red and green cherries and walnut pieces. Pastry OK I love the Dominican cake (combination of bread light chocolate, vanilla and dark chocolate, stuffed with pieces of strawberries with cream and covered Peanut flavor).

Long ago I discovered one of my cakes is now my favorite is the bakery Marisa temptation thread: chocolate topped with double chocolate and cheese bread. With some friends, we came to the conclusion that it’s like a Penguin Marinela but classy! Or as they should know those cupcakes!

And now with the craving in the tip of the tongue, I only remember that song from Sesame Street “know you come would you a cake”. Or what? What is your favorite pasteleada? I hope your comments.